Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I hate it when the earphones stop working when I'm listening to doom metal because I'm feeling suicidal.
Kills the mood.

Fuck them.


  1. TELL ME ABOUT IT! usually all the earphones i have owned decided to stop working in the middle of my most favourite song. which changes every time i get a new pair haha

  2. lol mine die slowly. First one side stops working, and then the other. It's really annoying XD

  3. My story is the same as Nas.^
    Its so fuckin annoying. :|

  4. @Furree, Nas and Maryam: It's sooo annoying! >:|

    @Anadit_Andy: \m/ :D

    @TGWTBE: I DON'T EVEN HAVE AN MP3! *bawls louder*
    Hahah I use these for my laptop!
    The people I live with don't really like the guttural sounds that issue from the speakers..

  5. I wantz Bose. I WANTZ BOSE! Come hither, munnies!

  6. I wantz too. Can't seem to find them anywhere in this blasted city. :(