Monday, June 13, 2011

khanay walon ko khanay ka bahana chahiye :D

Food. Food is awesome.

The best kind of food, obviously, is of the free variety. The sort you get at weddings, ufff. Matlab keh uffff. Nothing like mountains of artery-clogging, ulcer-inducing cheap food cooked in diesel. Wah wah wah. Also the sort you get when someone's treating you on their birthday.


Then there is of course comfort food. I've heard people say that comfort food is a myth. I tell them screw you, live and let live you party poopers. If someone feels better if they eat three glazed donuts in a row just because they feel down, LET THEM.

And then, And then. There is food sneaked in the middle of the night. Food that you suddenly get a craving for, and then you go steal it from the fridge nasty and cold but it's totally worth it. I was once caught wolfing down biryani by the spoonful at four in the morning by my paternal aunt. Now Phuphoo already thinks I'm weird ( I dunno, I just know she does, for some odd reason.. :D) and OMG the look she gave me was just epic.

I also like sneaking ice cream out of the freezer at night.

I also like eating Everyday. Yes, Everyday. The tea whitener. And yes, eating. I eat actual spoonfuls of the stuff and it's actually pretty good. Kind of gross at first but good :D

HAHAA. I have probably totally grossed you out by now. But IDC. ^^


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I likez the post and your hunger.

  2. lol damn i do a lot of those things. Although shadi food is something that i can't eat much. Its just so much around you kay dekh kay hi dil bhar jata hai plus its more entertaining to watch people eat in shadis :P lol rather than eating urself.

    ab diesel itna mehnga ho gaya hai I wonder kis main pakatay hongay woh khanay ab :O *ponders*

    I sometimes cook food (bread and omellete i wonder if that qualifies as cooking) at night :P

    My mom has started to keep the fridge empty because of my stealing habbits :P lol...

    my phupho on the contrary wants me to eat like anything all the time :P hahaha .. adeel beta khaya piya karo dekho kitnay kamzoor ho gaye ho ..and then she starts cooking those oily stinky foods for me :P damn... acha enough bongiyan... *hi5*

  3. you cute-and-totally-not-weird person! ♥
    i always get a craving for tea around 4 in the morning, and instant noodles. the chatpattay ones :P
    I HATE POWDERED MILKKKKKKK UGGHHH but my brother and cousins love stuffing their face with it so i suppose it's a pretty normal thing to eat :P

  4. And i thought i was the only one. :D

  5. you are hilarious! ! ! and whata n artist. your phupho probably thinks your so cute... only if we could see your face when you got caught! lol

  6. @Maryam: Thankoo :D

    @eddiesdomain: Hahah true true I do enjoy watching people stuff their faces on weddings. And omelette DOES qualify as cooking!
    Your phupho.. I can totally imagine -___-

    @Furree: I LURVE CHATPATTAY NOODLES! And thank you :3

    @Anadit_Andy: Haha, think againz :D

    @herenownotforever: Thank you, thank you! And believe me, she definitely does not think I'm 'cute' :P

  7. I eat when I am bored. And when I stop eating you know I am REALLY bored!
    Wedding food is AWESOME.

    I remember once when I was 7, I had a dream about sweet corn soup, and woke up my mum at 3am telling her to make me some in the morning. She was not happy 8-).

  8. FOOD.
    I agree, food is awesome.
    The only reason shaadis are bearable is the food.

    Sometimes, i get these strange cravings to eat something, and they do not get outta my haed the whole day, and i have to keep pestering my dad to get it for me until he does. :p

    and cold pizza rocks.
    i remember having a pinch of everyday once. it was just okay.