Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm such a noob when it comes to making this blog look better!
Anyhow. Furree Katt was nice enough to tag me in one of her posts, so I will have to respond :D

So, it's about my favourite things.

(Which reminds me of this :D)

1. Food - Desi
2. Colour - Purple
3. Animal - DOGS! And tigers.
4. Sports Team - HAH! I am the non-sportiest person alive :D
5. Dessert - Fudgyy brownies <3
6. Artist/Singer/Band - LOTS! These days it's Radiohead.
7. Pair of Shoes - Okay, hahaha. I just remembered that I have huge feet so my choice of shoes is limited XD So they're pretty much all equally treasured :D       
8. Outfit - PJs!
9. Skinny Jeans - Are the love! 
10. Brand - I'm not one for brands
11. Perfume - Whatever it is my mother wears :p
12. Accessory - My HUMONGOUS turquoise bag
13. City - Islamabad
14. Hobby - Reading, drawing
15. Beauty Product - Um. Olivia, Shukriya? XD haha, I don't use any.
16. Snack - SAMOSAY :D
17. Holiday - We don't have 'holidays'. WTF.
18. Movie -The Goofy Movie 
19. Song - Go Slowly, Radiohead (THESE DAYS!)
20. Guilty Pleasure - Talking like a maila. mailee? Whatever :D

I will tag... no one. :(
Because I'm still a loser blogger who doesn't really know anyone here, haha.
So even if I DO tag someone they'll go all WTF WHERE DID SHE COME FROM :O :O
So, yeah. No tags.


    go and follow loads of blogs, you'll make tons of friends. that's what i did :P
    you and i have stuff in common in terms of 4, 9, 10 and 14. :D hurray! ♥ thanks for doing this.

  2. and OH OH OH OH i totally adore your blog background, it's reallyyyy pretty.

  3. Hurray :D
    And thank youu Furree :3
    And yess I know that's what I should do, I'm such a lazy ass I never get round to it -__-

  4. You dont have blogger friends? I wanna be friends with youu. :D
    So now, you have me as a friend right?
    Lol @perfume answer.

  5. There is something for you on my blog. Go check it out!

  6. YAY I have blogger friends now :p
    Thanks for following! :D

  7. Hey,Bloggers are really friendly people.
    Just pay them a visit and *whiz*,u have another brand new friend..:)
    Guilty Pleasure,Walking like a mailee..LOL,Big LOL...:D

  8. HEY HBL :D
    Haha yes I do that a lott! Try it, iz fun :D

  9. wow you people are so much friendsly :) Luv ur blog!!