Wednesday, March 30, 2011

match blues.

The match has begun.

I'm supposed to go over to a friend's place so we can all watch it together. I thought of making cupcakes and frosting them green and taking them over but all I'm doing is sitting around in my PJs, writing and listening to OK Computer on repeat.

What is wrong with me? :(


  1. i was reading everyone's blogs till halfway through the first innings. :O then i went to watch the match on TV and i fell asleep on the sofa. :O woke up when my brother was shouting in my ear about how Wahab Riaz is DA KEWLEZZZTTT!

  2. HE SO IS!
    haha I ended up doing everything I was supposed to do though.
    But yeah, this is the first match I'm actually watching XD

  3. i tagged you in a post on my blog :D

  4. YAY there's hope for my blog yet! :D

  5. @Furree: OMG I feel like a blogger now XD
    Like a proper one. The ones who get awards and get tagged and have blogger friends ahahaha WTH why do I ramble so much? :D
    Okay I shall go see :D