Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hissy bitch fit.

You get sick of believing sometimes.

Sometimes, you start wondering what your stubborn faith has gotten you so far. Nothing, that's what. Life's going to screw you over just as bad as it will most other people. You're going to have to suffer and cry and bitch your way through too. Learn your lessons the hard way. 

Sometimes it's too much, hanging on to that last tiny thread of hope; the silver lining on a damp sodden cloud. Just waiting to rain it's tears down on the world.

tell a child santa doesn't exist,
that ducks cannot be pink
the trees never blue.
tell them to stop believing,
that there is no magic
and no faeries and unicorns and dragons
waiting to whisk them off to far off lands.
tell them that they can let go of all hopes
of ever finding neverland
of ever finding the cure for cancer
of bringing world peace
of becoming a wildlife photographer
an astronaut, a chef
a philanthropist, a dinosaur-hunter
all at once.
tell them that eventually
all their dreams will come crashing down
that if they become artists they'll be bums
musicians they'll be looked down on
actresses they'll be whores.
tell them that it's no use;
that all their hopes and intricate plans
will never come into realization
that they will look back someday
and laugh at their own naivety
at their innocence
and at the same time wish
that this world hadn't made them it's own
that their auras were still as fresh as they were the day they came here
that they were still able to conjure up an imaginary friend
if need be.
they'll laugh, and they'll cry, and they'll look back with regret
and they'll soldier on.


tell them, and save them all the trouble.


  1. interesting...maybe it's being naive, but i feel like i will always be a fairytale kind of girl..and im already 20. x)