Wednesday, May 9, 2012


yes it's true
I keep coming back to you


  1. I have been away and I have been distant, you know, like how the femur is far away from the humerus until you contort your body in an uncomfortable (well, not really) position such that they are adjacent to each other, but today, I was thinking about words, and semantics and all kinds of wonderfully useless things, but then they kind of snowballed from dysthemia and dysrationalia to thinking about this only state of permanence my words seem to have achieved and think I've been neglecting that. And I'm sorry and yes, we must write posts at the world at large soon and fill up Uzbek servers and comment on each other's blogs and thusly make each other happy.


    1. Does a comment from me really make you happy? This made me happy. And I'm telling you after a year. What dreadful manners.

  2. dall'Italia una caloroso...ciao