Sunday, August 14, 2011

jashne azadi ke khasoosi moqay par, laado sabun ke tamam sarifeen ko dilli eid mubarik!

Yeah, so it's Choda Agasst.

(aghast! alas!)

If I say something, I'll come across sounding like a cynical old fart, so let's just listen to this excellent song and forget Meera Patti ever existed.

So kewls right.


  1. Happy Independence Day! and LOL @ meera patti :D

  2. OMGEEEEEEEJESUSCHRISSSTTTT!!! Just landed here on your blog when saw you following me and thought I ought to drop by your's too and I have to say, that's the best thing I did all day! I lovez your blog already! You're rad!=D
    And by any chance, do you happen to be a member of Sparknotes? The 'awesomesauce' made me think...=D
    Cheers! Keep typing!=D